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Meet our firendly and experienced staff

Mathew Jago

Hi I’m Matt a salesperson and computer technician at PCz4U. I like the multitude of activities my computers provides as well as the challenges they present. I enjoy gaming on my PC playing a variety of titles from Starcraft2, StarWars The Old Republic, Battlefield 3 and Iracing. The challenge of building high end gaming PCs is something I enjoy and take pride in. The experience I have learnt from building and maintaining my computer for gaming helps me relate to customers wishing to purchase a new computer and participate in online gaming.

Outside of computing I also enjoy Cricket, MMA, Car Racing as well as watching movies, TV Series and listening to music.

Mark Cunningham

My name is Mark. I've been working for PCz4U since the founding of the business in 2006. As the front-line manager of the store I oversee the technical work, ordering, and retail sales.

I have been working as a computer technician for over 10 years, and in that time I have built thousands of new computers, solved a lot of difficult hardware problems, and I couldn’t begin to count how many virus infected computers I have cleaned and restored to working order.

When I'm not at work I am usually at home with my wife and young family.

Outside of work I play the local table tennis roster and the tournament circuit around the state.

On the computer I am currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have been playing computer games online since 1995, and if you need a gaming computer built I can give accurate recommendations on the hardware required to play the game you want to play.